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Brinda Yates, or as she’s more commonly known, Aunt Brinda, has been the sole owner of Pikes Peak Tattoo since August 2006.  While co-owning the business with her late husband since 1982 until his untimely passing on August 14th 2006 due to a tragic motorcycle accident.  Until that time Brinda’s primary duties for Pikes Peak Tattoo had been the bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities primarily due to the fact that she also worked for the county government for 25 years.  Aunt Brinda has also been an active member of the National Tattoo Association (an organization Uncle Bud was the President of at the time of his passing) since 1984 and on the NTA Staff for the last 14 years. 

In August of 2007 Aunt Brinda started a new part of her ownership functions and began tattooing herself.  In no time at all Aunt Brinda’s natural talents began shinning through, but as she’s always said, “After all of these years in this industry something had to sink in!”, and sink in it did, as Brinda proved at the 2009 Colorado Tattoo Competition by bringing home a 1st place trophy in the “Best Use of Tribal” category.  

Outside of the tattoo world, Aunt Brinda shares her love and time with 9, yes nine; Chihuahua’s ranging from her oldest boy, “Bugzy”, to the newest edition of the pack, “Cricket”.  She still occasionally finds the energy to pursue her passions of pottery making and cooking exquisite meals.  Recently, Brinda has also found another set of new love’s in her life, and that being, Mr. Bill Chittenden and his two children Caylee and Mackenzie.  Finding herself now in roles that she never imagined doing (a major one being a mother to more than just puppy dogs and her dysfunctional family of “tattoo boys”) Aunt Brinda continues not only moving forward, but with her sheer willpower and strength, moving mountains.  Come in say hello to the new face of Pikes Peak Tattoo and book an appointment with a legacy. 

email me at: auntbrinda@pikespeaktattoo.com

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