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Eric Hayes is a bold, bright, custom tattoo artist, with a fine arts background. Originating from Erie, Pennsylvania, he apprenticed under Patrick Stephens in 2009. Eric studied fine arts, majoring in painting, at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He then moved to the Colorado Springs area in late 2011, to expand his horizons by learning different techniques and artist outlooks from a different demographic.

Eric is an award winning artist, and his custom work can be described as somewhat "new school" with bold, vibrant colors, varying line weights, and high energy subject matter. He also enjoys all other styles from black and grey, realism, and Japanese, to biomechanical.  Constantly having new ideas in his creative mind, Eric is a very easy going, approachable artist, perfect for helping you design your next custom tattoo idea and applying it to skin. As a great all around artist he says, "Tattoo culture and the art of tattooing is more than just applying ink in the skin, it's a lifestyle choice that is with you for life. At any given time of day tattoos are constantly on my mind, and I am always striving to get better and be the best artist I can be. With regards to that, I am always trying to outdo myself and give my client the best possible tattoo that they'll be proud to show off forever. "


email me at: artoferichayes@gmail.com

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